Acme CADPacker

Acme CADPacker 1.2

CADPacker is tool software for issuing and viewing CAD graphic...

CADPacker is tool software for issuing and viewing CAD graphic files. With CADPacker, you can pack your design files, project explanations, photos and design effect drawings (DWG, DXF,DWF, TXT, BMP, JPEG, TGA, PCX, GIF, WMF) into self-executive exe file.

It`s convenient for your clients to view and know more about your design proposal. It`s not necessary for your clients to install into the computer any CAD software and the font and other data adopted in the document because you can provide the computer with a complete self-executive demo package for the project design proposal.

CADPacker is an ideal choice for you. Main Characteristics1. You can pack the design documents (explanation files, design drawings, photos and effect drawings) into exe file.

2. The outputted exe package can automatically browse the files in the package (the operation is the same as AutoCAD) without installation of any kind of CAD software.

3. You can set whether or not the outputted exe file supports print. 4. It supports DWG , DXF and DWF format (v2. 5-2005). 5. It supports raster image formats in common use such as BMP, JPEG, PCX, TGA, GIF, WMF, etc.

6. It supports TXT files. 7. User-defined encryption format is adopted for the outputted file to ensure the safety of your design file data. 8. Data compression is used for the outputted file to decrease the size of file and to make it easy for network transmission.

9. It supports full-screen display and provides a group of convenient keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to demonstrate your design proposal. 10.

The operation for viewing the file is the same as AutoCAD. 11. The operation mode of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is adopted so that the operational effect of the outputted exe can be seen at real time.